Ha-Ha! Made you Laugh! (libro en Inglés)

Grupo PentaSKU: 9782408007959

TÍTULO: Ha-Ha! Made you Laugh! (libro en Inglés)
AUTOR(A): Stephanie Babin
EDITORIAL: Tourbillon
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Get ready to laugh out loud! Scratch the stripes of the zebra. Can you guess what will happen? Open the big flap . . . oh no! The zebra's stripes are all scratched off! Tap on a camel's hump . . . what happens? Open the big flap . . . one of its humps has disappeared! In this side-splittingly funny book that focuses on physical humor, kids will tickle, make a face, or blow a kiss-a different action on each spread-then lift the big flaps to reveal the unexpected and ridiculous results! An exceptionally silly book that every child will want to read again and again!


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